SyntheSys Defence

Customer Satisfaction


Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.  We always strive to ensure that all of our Customers' requirements are met.  We are so confident that this is achieved that we offer a no quibble, money back guarantee, with all of our training events.

We ask our Customers to rate our training courses through the use of a feedback form.  Comments from the feedback forms are used to improve our products and also provide compliance to ISO9001.  Various subjects relating to the venue, instructor, materials, presentation, etc., are graded. This grading runs from 5 for 'excellent', 4 for 'very good' to 1 for 'poor'.  The pie chart provides a synopsis of received Customer feedback.
The feedback forms contain many accolades from Customers. Examples of these for specific courses, or from specific organisation can be supplied on request.


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