Daronmont Link Training Suite


We have established an agreement with Daronmont Technologies of Burwood, Victoria, Australia which enables us to provide a simulation / emulation capability in the classroom during our Link 11 training courses.


The Daronmont Link Training Suite (DLTS) uses linked computers to create a virtual network, where each student becomes a node of that network.  The student can practice setting up the system, operating and fault finding, plus creating messages which are then sent on the network to the other nodes.


The DLTS also provides a teacher functionality whereby the instructor can monitor the actions being taken by each individual.  The instructor can also inject faults onto the network so that the students have to analyse the symptoms and take the appropriate corrective action.


The DLTS may be utilised during training courses, and is also available for purchase.  The displays are adaptable, and can be configured to look exactly the same as the equipment which will ultimately be operated by the student, saving time and money spent when utilising real systems for training.
The DLTS is used by the Australian Navy who are already benefiting from a significant reduction in costs related to their TDL training.
For more information, please contact us at training@synthesys.co.uk.

Link 11 DLTS


The Link 11 DLTS provides realistic training via a simulated network within the classroom.  Students act as participants in the Link 11 network, and may also be called on to rectify faults injected by the instructor.


The following functions are available:


Tuning of HF and UHF radios, plus the configuration of those radios for data or voice .

Operation of the Data Terminal Set (DTS).

Utilising the Link Monitoring System (LMS 11 emulation).

Configuring the KG40 Crypto.

Configuring the Combat Data System (Host).

Utilising the Track Displays.


An online demonstration is available on request. For more information, please contact us on +44 (0)1947 821464 or e-mail us at training@synthesys.co.uk.