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Operational Courses


These courses provide the delegate with an understanding of systems to ensure that they can be utilised properly in the operational environment.  An understanding of how the system works will also assist the operator in troubleshooting, and in the creation of reports.


Operational courses are delivered on request, either at our training venue or at any location convenient to you. The courses are supported by handouts of the training presentations, plus a CD also containing the presentations plus other associated material.
Our military operational training courses are listed below (please click on the course name below for more information).
  • » Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) / Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR)


    We are pleased to be able to offer single day training, delivered on request, for IFF / SSR.  The carriage of SSR transponders is generally seen as a must-have for air safety and air traffic control; in fact in certain airspace it is mandatory.  This course is designed to give you an insight into both the military and civil systems.  It describes how interrogations are formed and the replies that those interrogations are designed to stimulate. It covers all modes currently in use from Military Mode 1 to the latest and most versatile Mode S methods of operating.  The course provides an excellent introduction into IFF/SSR systems and capabilities.


    See below for our standard syllabus.  We are able to tailor the final delivery to meet any specific needs you may have.
    We offer 5% discount for military ID card holders.
    For prices and further details please contact


    Course Overview


    Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) / Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR)


    Duration – 1 day


    Lesson 1 – The History of IFF/SSR Systems


    Early Conception: Realising the Need

    Adoption by the Civil Airlines


    Lesson 2 – The Basics of Primary and Secondary Radar Principles


    Range and Bearing

    Monopulse Tracking

    Antenna Design


    Lesson 3 – IFF/SSR Modes


    Military Modes 1030 MHz Interrogations and 1090 MHz Responses

    Civilian Modes 1030 MHz Interrogations and 1090 MHz Responses


    Lesson 4 – New Modes


    Mode S

    Mode 5


    Lesson 5 – Technological Improvements


    ACAS and TCAS


    Lesson 6 – IFF/SSR Installations





  • » Electronic Warfare (EW)


    EW is one of the most important aspects of modern air, land and maritime warfare as it can affect a military force’s use of communications, radar, avionics, guided weapons, and Intelligence Surveillance Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) assets.  EW has become an integral part in the Find, Fix, Finish, Exploit, Analyse, Disseminate (F3EAD) process.


    In association with MASS Consultants Ltd, we are now able to offer EW training as part of our existing portfolio.  These courses may be included in an existing Tactical Data Link (TDL) training course or presented as an independent subject.


    MASS has considerable experience in the training of foreign and domestic armed forces in all aspects of Air, Land and Maritime EW, from Foundation to Advanced level.  This experience enables MASS to provide a unique mix of operational and technical instruction, founded on UK military and scientific experience.
    Our approach to training uses a combination of traditional classroom instruction underpinned by the use of sophisticated modelling and simulation tools.  This blended solution enables students to develop their skills more quickly, expediting the route to operational effectiveness.
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    MASS Training Course


    Electronic Warfare Foundation

    10 days

    Acoustic Analysis and Anti-Submarine Warfare Fundamentals

    60 days

    Air and Maritime Platform Protection (Level 1)

    Air and Maritime Platform Protection (Level 2)

    Airmanship for Sensor Operators

    Anti-Submarine Warfare (Level 1)

    Anti-Submarine Warfare (Level 2)

    Anti-Submarine Warfare (Level 3)

    Anti-Submarine Warfare Familiarisation for Principal Warfare Officers

    Comms Electronic Support Measures (ESM) Level 1

    Comms ESM Level 2

    Comms Intelligence (COMINT) Analysis

    Countermeasures Design

    Countermeasures Development and Platform Protection

    Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) Analysis

    Electronic Warfare Data Management

    Electronic Warfare Operational Support

    Electronic Warfare Staff

    Geospatial Intelligence

    Information Operations

    Radar ESM / Radar Fundamentals (Level 1)

    Radar ESM / Radar Fundamentals (Level 2)

    Radar Signal Processing

    Robust Comms

    Robust Electro-Optic Infrared (EOIR)

    Robust Radar

    Threat Vulnerability Analysis and Countermeasures Development – Introduction

    Weapon System Exploitation

    5 days

    5 days

    5 days

    5 days

    5 days

    5 days

    10 days

    10 days

    15 days

    10 days

    5 days

    10 days

    5 days

    5 days

    5 days

    5 days (theory and practical exercises), or

    10 days (theory and practical exercises with additional EW war-gaming scenarios)

    5 days

    5 days

    10 days

    15 days

    5 days

    20 days

    10 days

    20 days

    5 days

    10 days

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