Capability Acquisition Services


Our Customer Support Services include:


  • Customer Friend Services: we provide independent advice and assistance to our Customers, usually in the context of their relationship with their primary suppliers.
  • Capability Management Services: we focus on meeting the capability requirements efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Operations Expertise: we understand the operational contexts, policies, and doctrines required to achieve Network Enabled Capability (NEC).
  • Concept Development Services: we provide specialist capabilities to meet Customer requirements for new and emerging technologies.
  • Project Management Services: we assist Customers in specific areas of project management and manage entire projects on their behalf.


In order to counter increasingly capably dynamic and diverse threats,modern military systems need to be engineered against a background of increasingly complex acquisition constraints, such as lower defence spending and rapidly changing technology.


Effective engagement with key stakeholders and understanding how best to provide solutions is a fundamental element of our approach to supporting our Customers.


Our personnel working to manage capability requirements have a wealth of experience based on many years of addressing operational problems.  Many of our people are very experienced ex-military operations experts, enabling us to provide specialist knowledge across the full spectrum of NEC needs in the joint and single service warfare environments.


We also participated in a number of programmes where we have supported specific concept requirements for individual capabilities.  Typical of our work in this area is the provision of capability consultancy in support of the Swedish interoperability programme that is designed to facilitate Swedish participation in multi-national peacekeeping operations.