Capability Management


In an ever-changing environment of increasingly dynamic threats and uncertain defence spending, managing the acquisition of capability to meet military needs for both routine and urgent responses can be very challenging.  The need for interoperable networked military capability adds complexity to this system-of-systems problem.  Furthermore, as the problem has no end state, analyses that determine the correct course of action need to be rapid, accurate, cost-effective, and underpinned by an effective understanding of the current and planned capability requirement.


Just as the engineering of capability is an evolving discipline, so managing capability acquisition, implementation, and operation has to be flexible.


We have developed and continue to refine a comprehensive method for managing the evolutionary development and acquisition of capability, including system-of-systems, that is compatible with the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) acquisition system, PRINCE, BS6079, and IEEE STD 1220.


Our method identified all the activities that are required to manage the development of a capability and has an integrated cost model that enables the through-life costs of ownership to be determined and supported.


Tailoring the application of our methodology is a central element of the approaches that we apply to support our Customers' capability aspirations.