Concept Development


Concept development considers new and developing high-level Command and Control (C2) capabilities and also the delivery of generated C2 information to its users.


Development of concepts applies both to ideas or capabilities that are new to all military operations and to concepts tailored to individual platforms or formations.


A classic example is the Variable Message Format (VMF) tactical data capability, which can still be regarded as an emerging capability for many operators world-wide.  Globally, VMF capability continues to be particularly focused on the achievement of a digital data exchange capability at the air-ground interface, predominantly for Close Air Support (CAS).


In order to ensure the VMF digital data exchange capability is properly and effectively used, we have developed and delivered concept papers to the UK MOD relating to the use of VMF in support of UK and Coalition operations.


We are also participating in a number of other nations’ programmes where we have delivered concept papers in accordance with their requirements.  Typical of our work in this area is the provision of VMF capability consultancy to the JAS 39 Gripen fighter aircraft programme and papers on the development of the Command and Control infrastructure needed to support digital CAS for Sweden.