Interoperability Management


Interoperability (IO) is the ability to make systems and organisations work together.  Initially defined specifically for information technology and systems engineering, it implies a requirement for a system, unit or the forces of any service or nation to transmit data to, and receive data from, any other system, unit or force of any service or nation, and use the exchanged data to operate together effectively.


Achieving interoperability requires:


  • A structured approach.
  • Clear expression of requirements.
  • Process to prove compliance to specified requirements.
  • Through-life management.


As part of our structured approach, we have specifically developed and focused our capabilities to achieve interoperability through:


  • The application of systems engineering practices and methodologies to system-of-systems management.
  • The development and application of standards.
  • Subject Matter Expertise in both systems (Tactical Data Links) and processes (though-life management, testing).


We have developed, applied processes, and expertise in support of military Interoperability Management: