Network Management


With many users and purposes, Tactical Data Link (TDL) networks are inevitably complex by nature, needing to employ a range of sophisticated techniques to ensure data is transmitted effectively and unambiguously.  Moreover, many operational scenarios demand that different TDLs operate together in order to achieve the task.  Significant network management effort is expended in ensuring all networks are properly planned and designed and, once active, operate as required to achieve full operational support.  In addition, individual networks may require additional measures.  For example, operation of some Link 16 networks requires compliance with Frequency Clearance Agreements (FCA), which protect civil air traffic control frequencies through correct operation of the data terminals in peacetime.


Our personnel provide in-depth experience of the operation and management of TDLs, including the development of TDL network management procedures and the related infrastructure necessary to support operations in all theatres of warfare.


In particular, our staff capability includes former UK Joint Data Link Management Organisation (JDLMO), network design and planning specialists who provide the most up-to-date advice, support, and training for our Customers.


The JDLMO is responsible for all UK TDL network management.  We have provided support to the JDLMO, including development of requirements for the management of the general UK data link infrastructure and contributing to the JDLMO Concept of Operations (CONOPS), recognising the central position of Link 16 in UK TDL policy.


Outside the UK, we have supported the Swedish interoperability programme, providing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for their network management organisation and network management workshops for their personnel.


We also provide advice on all matters relating to obtaining the agreement of civil air traffic authorities for clearance to use Link 16 in all relevant airspace.  We provide safety cases to meet FCAs and ensure network management encompasses related restrictions.