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The Data Link Manager/Interface Control Officer (DLM/ICO) is responsible for the entire Tactical Data Link (TDL) interface from planning, right through to execution.  So, it is critical that today's DLM/ICO receives comprehensive training.  Check out the introductory video (left).

As simulated and practical training environments become central to national defence strategies and priorities, it is vital that individuals receive training which mirrors real-world scenarios. SyntheSys’ DLM/ICO training course has been the training of choice for operators and technical personnel alike for many years and is the only end-to-end training of its type currently on the market.  We provide robust training which is delivered by high calibre and experienced trainers in an open and practical learning environment.


This 15-day course is designed to provide working knowledge to personnel whose role is to plan, build, manage, interact, develop and engage in Multi-TDL Architectures and operations.


The Only

Tactical Data Link Training

of its Kind

A Specialist

Training Solution



Based on Standards

and Doctrine

A course designed to catapult individuals with TDL experience to the next level where they can successfully and efficiently carry out their duties.

The course relies on practical exercises and assignments which gives a working understanding of course concepts.

Based on NATO & US documentation fused with instructor experience.

The course provides students with a fundamental understanding of various TDLs, then, using state of the art simulation tools, practically applies this knowledge to real world scenarios.

The DLM/ICO course fuses extensive knowledge together with a toolkit of practical simulation platforms, paper-based learning and in-use systems to instil this knowledge.

Course content is aligned to appropriate standards and documentation.

Course Material via

Defence Community Portal

High Calibre and

Experienced Instructors

Students receive both electronic and hard copy of all training material, including the DLM/ICO Handbook.

Delivered by our highly knowledgeable instructors, who have recent real-world operational experience.

Training delegates receive unlimited access to the SyntheSys Defence Community Portal, which is designed to enhance and support the training experience.

Our Trainers offer a wealth of operational and technical experience and bring to the course many practical examples of where theory is used in real-world scenarios.

Data Link Manager Interface Control Officer training course brochure

We take a flexible approach to delivery and can deliver this course at locations across the globe on required dates.


​We also offer a complementary Training Needs Analysis service and can help you identify broader training needs for you and your team.


Download the Brochure to View the Course Syllabus