Interoperability Test and Evaluation


Requirements for interoperability originate at the highest levels of capability acquisition.  They filter down through the increasingly detailed levels of systems specification and drive the significant elements of the acceptance testing of individual equipment and systems with full verification and validation required.


It is often assumed that achieving acceptance testing means equipment or systems satisfy the perceived interoperability needs.  However, this is not necessarily the case and verification and validation against the requirements at all levels should ideally be achieved.  This is particularly relevant for equipment and system through-life management when it is necessary to identify the full impact of change at all levels of verification and validation.


We develop and define Tactical Data Link (TDL) testing programmes and provide the Multi-Link Test Facility (MLTF) service to the UK MOD for testing TDL-equipped platforms.


Part of this service is to support the NATO TDL Capability Team Interoperability Test Syndicate (CaT ITS) and assist in the conduct of international TDL testing on behalf of the UK MOD.


We offer a comprehensive range of test services and cover test requirements at all stages of capability acquisition and maintenance.  Our experience includes:


  • Testing for the NATO TDL CaT ITS international one-on-one platform testing, national one-on-one platform testing, and stand-alone platform TDL compliance.
  • Operating and managing the UK MLTF in support of all required international and national TDL testing, including preparation of test scripts and analysis of results.
  • Analyses and introduction of new test tools.
  • Development of test strategies at the system and platform level.
  • Development of test cases for TDL testing.
  • Development of change proposals for STANAG 5602 (the NATO standard that defines the Standard Interface for Multiple Platform Evaluation (SIMPLE) interface) that is the basis for exchange of test data between equipment.
  • Operating as back-up Test Director for NATO TDL CaT ITS tests.