Configuration Management


The UK Ministry of Defence's Engineering Group is responsible for the Configuration Management (CM) of all Tactical Data Link (TDL) standards employed by UK military forces.  This responsibility includes the evaluation of US-proposed changes as well as initiating change proposals to reflect UK national requirements in the US Military Standards.


Our staff have carried out many of the functions involved in the UK TDL CM process, applying our SPIRIT method to deliver benefits for the UK MOD in ensuring interoperability and providing a system-centric approach to TDL management.
As well as conducting the UK CM activity, we have also provided support to the US CM process.  For example, for the Variable Message Format (VMF) communications system, we provided support on a formal basis both through UK/US bilateral meetings and through contacts in the US CM forums – the VMF Sub Group (VMFSG) and CNR Working Group (CNRWG) and informally through our many contacts in the US VMF community.  This has led to significant involvement in the establishment and scrutiny of Change Proposals to the related Standards.
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