Platform Integration


A vital element in providing Network Enabled Capability (NEC) is to ensure that systems are efficiently integrated in platforms in such a manner as to allow the information to flow naturally from operator to operator. This requires a thorough understanding of the intended information flow and the underlying data structure of the system being integrated.


We combine two of its key skill sets – operational experience and technical expertise – together, to provide the necessary advice and support to platform integrators at both industry and government levels, for both air and naval systems.


Our skill set includes:


  • Specialist system knowledge of data link communication systems.
  • Specialist system knowledge and operational experience of integration of data link communications systems to meet operational requirements.
  • Multi-link integration issues.
  • Interoperability requirements and impact on integration.
  • Resolution of Human-Computer Interface conflicts.
  • Initialisation and network management issues, problem identification and resolution.
  • Development and maintenance of specifications.