SyntheSys Testing Services


Deploying a true system-of-systems approach to Tactical Data systems engineering has enabled us to develop our SyntheSys Testing Services.  Tactical Data Link (TDL) capability is based on complex standards and protocols designed to achieve unambiguous and effective exchange of Tactical Data, which is absolutely essential to support military operations.  SyntheSys Testing Services provide a portfolio of independent system-of-systems testing services that can be tailored to your needs.


SyntheSys Testing Services apply quality systems engineering practices to establish evidence that systems operate correctly, so creating cost-saving production and organisational efficiencies.  These are flexible testing services that can be used either in isolation or as an end-to-end package; our independent services are tailored to your requirements.

SyntheSys Testing Services enable development teams to reduce uncertainty and minimise risks across the entire development cycle:
  • Improving performance, functionality and reliability.
  • Empowering development teams to focus on creative tasks.
  • Minimising the risk of non-compliance with specifications.
Our SyntheSys Testing Services include:
  • Requirements baseline verification: independent analysis to ensure baseline requirements definition and verification is complete.
  • Test strategy: cost-effective test strategies with streamlined integration into your development and maintenance programme.
  • Test Environment: test hardware to provide an integrated test environment.
  • Test plans, test cases and test scripts: comprehensive test documentation.
  • Test conduct: we carry out testing, or can provide, witness testing services.
  • Analysis: test analysis to ensure effective, accurate and timely testing.
  • Reports: summary statistics of test results along with comprehensive reports.
  • Sustainment: configuration management and control procedures for new system and environment changes.
What Happens if We Don’t Test Interoperability?