Tactical Data Links Services


Our Tactical Data Link (TDL) team is composed of high calibre ex-military operational and engineering personnel complemented by specialist engineers.  Together they bring a combination of operational, technical, and scientific experience to the support that we provide for TDL operations in all military domains.


Our team is highly experienced in the impact of TDL capability on broader aspects of military operations, particularly in terms of the impact of the J-Series family of messages that form the backbone of UK, US, and NATO data exchanges.


We are fully conversant with the interoperable Systems Management and Requirements Transformation (iSMART) process developed by the UK MOD and used by many nations.  Our SPIRIT method and tool set supports iSMART.


For many years we have supplied extensive technical support to the Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) element of the UK MOD.  We offer a wide range of capability across the full information systems engineering life cycle, specialising in:


  • Tactical communications systems: Variable Message Format (VMF), Link 16, and Link 22.
  • Joint Range Extension Application Protocol (JREAP).
  • Command and Control.
  • Interoperability management and assurance.
  • Test and evaluation.
  • Military Concepts and Doctrine.

We have made significant contributions to the ongoing development of TDL policy both within the UK MOD and also for NATO and coalition Customers.