Military System-of-Systems Consultancy Services


We have undertaken fundamental research into System-of-Systems (SOS) Engineering (SOSE) that has given us a unique insight into comprehensive, cost-effective, and practical processes that we apply on behalf of our Customers.


We began our research into SOSE in 2002 in order to support a study on behalf of the UK MOD into the cost of ownership of Tactical Data Links (TDLs).  Upon completion of the study, we continued our research as a private venture project, most recently in partnership with the world-class School of Engineering at Durham University in the UK. The research programme has delivered some unique insights into the nature of SOS that have enabled us to provide a range of services, including:


  • SOS modelling to support capability requirement definition.
  • SOS verification and validation.
  • Preparation of architecture framework (Ministry of Defence Architecture Framework (MODAF), Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DODAF), etc.) products that make a real contribution to the SOS engineering effort.
  • Advice on appropriate management infrastructure and techniques to support SOS development.
Today’s Complex & Interwoven Multi-Link Environment