Operational Expertise


Military operations require that Policy and Doctrine be established to meet perceived threats, both current and in the future.  With modern technology, true Network Enabled Capability (NEC) can be provided, not only to support but also to influence military policy and doctrine.


A vital element in providing NEC is to understand the operational context in which information and data flows.  Merely providing a means of data flow runs the risk of loss of information flow.  Information is the key, data is the vehicle carrying the information.


Our team of high calibre ex-military personnel and engineering staff bring a combination of specialist operational, technical, and scientific experience in support of our Capability Acquisition work.


A large percentage of our personnel are senior ex-military operations experts, enabling us to provide specialist knowledge across the full spectrum of NEC needs in the joint and single service warfare environments.


Our operational expertise includes:


  • Airborne Early Warning operations with tactical communications in multi-threat environments.
  • Extensive involvement in fighter real-time data exchanges for air defence and close air support operations.
  • Ground environment data exchanges in support of both air and ground operations.
  • Real-time and non-real-time message exchange in support of multi-threat maritime operations.
  • The development of message standards for use in Joint Service operations.
  • The management of multiple Tactical Data Link operations.
  • Operational Test and Evaluation of platform NEC capabilities.


We have key areas of expertise in the development of requirements for systems providing the Command and Control of air, surface, and sub-surface operations as well as contributing sensors and weapons.