SPIRIT is our fourth generation process for
system and platform through-life Interoperability (IO) Management.


SPIRIT delivers interoperability, value for money, through-life capability and supportability in a network-enabled environment through functions for: standards management and maintenance; platform requirements capture and maintenance; interoperability assessment and certification; verification and validation of standards and systems.


Although developed for Tactical Data Link (TDL) purposes, the process is able to support many systems-of-systems engineering projects and initiatives.



  • A fully network-centric interoperability assurance process.
  • Integrated process and databases, based on market leading off-the shelf tool sets.
  • Built on IBM® Rational® tool set with fully integrated reporting using IBM® Rational® Publishing Engine.
  • Rigorous traceability through requirements to design and test.
  • Automated interoperability assessment.
  • Fully integrated support to iSMART processes and products.
  • Dynamic modelling of standards to provide formal verification.
  • Standards conformance and interoperability testing.
  • Independent of standards format – provision for any standard or platform specification.


  • Supports the operational theatre.
  • Saves money by reducing “up front” and through-life costs.
  • Reduces programme and operational risk - can you afford not to?
  • Provides through-life Interoperability Assurance.
  • Fully integrated toolset.
  • Scalable, adaptable and flexible to meet individual Customer requirements.
  • Usability– it is very easy to apply to any platform.
  • Not restricted to use in the TDL domain.


Standards Currently Available:

  • Link 16 - MIL-STD-6016C, STANAG 5516 Ed.5 & 6.
  • VMF – incorporating MIL-STD-6017/TIDP, MIL-STD-2045-47001, and MIL-STD-188-220.
  • Link 22 - incorporation of STANAG 5522 Edition 4 scheduled for 2015.

How Can We Help You?


SPIRIT can be purchased (full training and support provided) in both full and ‘lite’ versions.  Alternatively, SyntheSys can utilise SPIRIT to provide the following highly cost effective services:

  • Provision of all platform iSMART products.
  • Provision of generic test cases for your platform or system.
  • Provision of interoperability information.
  • Provision of full verification documentation for your platform.
  • Specialised advice and support.
  • Consultancy.

The iSMART process was developed by the UK MOD and has been adopted by many NATO and coalition nations.  Our SPIRIT process is compatible with iSMART and is able to produce all iSMART products but, additionally, provides full support for cost-effective, systems engineering-based testing.

SPIRIT - TDL Testing SPIRIT - Requirements Capture SPIRIT - UML Modelling SPIRIT Brochure What Happens if We Don’t Test Interoperability?
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