Military Systems Engineering Services


We provide high quality systems engineering services that deliver cost-effective solutions to a wide range of government and industry Customers.


Our services range from complex activities such as system modelling to definition of requirements and testing at the overarching system-of-systems level.


Our services include:


  • Requirements definition.
  • Requirements modelling.
  • Design and specification reviews.
  • Test and evaluation.
  • Interoperability assurance.
  • Through-life system support.


The systems engineering process starts with accurate definition of the requirement, development of the solution, testing of the initial solution, manufacture, and maintenance of the solution through its operational life.


Our services were developed initially to support Tactical Data Link (TDL) systems that, being a critical element of a complex military system-of-systems, had to satisfy correspondingly complex operational requirements.


Requirements definition is particularly important and we have extensive experience of establishing requirements in the following areas of major projects:


  • Interface Requirements Specifications.
  • Multi-TDL Management Systems.
  • TDL Network Design Systems.
  • Air and Surface Command and Control Systems.


We have also developed an integrated portfolio of independent system-of-systems testing services that verifies, evaluates, and tests system implementations against the requirements.  For more information on our SyntheSys Testing Services, please click here.